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Synectic Services

Maintenance Services

Synectic understands how crucial your phone system is to the success of your business and offers a variety of service agreements that provide your business with a guaranteed level of customer satisfaction at an affordable price. 
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Technical Service Center

Synectic has a fully staffed Call Center, operating 24 hours a day and seven days a week, committed to answering your questions and resolving any issues that may arise in maintaining your communication system.
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Design and Implementation Services

Creating the ideal communications solution does not end when you choose your product. An essential ingredient to implementing and maintaining that system, is choosing a partner who understands your needs and can make your requests a reality.
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VoIP Network Assessment

You know that VoIP represents the latest communication technology, allowing your customers and employees easy access to the tools they need to make your company a success. However, implementation of VoIP can have serious effects on a company’s network, if not implemented properly. You can count on Synectic Technologies to ensure that your VoIP implementation is smooth.
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Project Management and Coordination

Synectics has a dual team of Project Managers working at your site, and Project Coordinators working off site, to ensure that all projects, no matter how large are completed on time and on schedule.
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System Administration and User Training

Synectic’s Administration training gives you control of your system, allowing you the flexibility to make changes whenever needed. Synectic’s user training ensures your employees maximize the use and value of your system, increasing productivity and easing the transition into a new system.
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